• Paste Type: Polymer Thick Film
  • Application Method: Screen Printing
  • Substrate: PET / Polyimide / PC
  • Metal: None
  • Application: Hybrid IC
  • Description: UVD5271 is an UV curable solder mask, covercoat, or dielectric designed for rigid substrates. UVD5271 offers rapid curing combined with outstanding adhesion and resistance to solvents, moisture, and the soldering process. It is less sensitive to surface cleanliness than other UV curable materials. It offers excellent electrical and environmental integrity after soldering and cleaning, and outstanding fine line definition, typically ≥ 8 mils. Heraeus also offers a series of compatible, thermally cured conductors.
  • Key features: High adhesion to many substrates#Excellent chemical and solder resistance#High insulation resistance and breakdown voltage
  • Viscosity: 10-30 Kcps; Brookfield HBTSpindle #14 at 50 rpm, 25 °C

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