• Paste Type: Glass Powder
  • Application Method: Dipping
  • Substrate: Alumina
  • Metal: None
  • Application: Hybrid IC
  • Description: Glass Powder V 1736.1 can be used as acid resistant passivation material. V 1736.1 is composed of CaOxAl2O3xB2O3xK2OxSiO2. It fires to a transparent color and dense layer and withstands high working temperatures up to 500 °C. Fired layers of glass V 1736.1 withstand aggressive media in plating processes.
  • Key features: Compatible with Al2O3 substrate#Very fine particle size
  • Process Temperature: > 700 ºC
  • Particle Size Distribution: < 2 um(Equipment: Helos BA)

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