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Managing your challenges - Heraeus' experts present Materials Solutions for Advanced Packaging and Power Electronics at CISES 2017

With each new technology node and generation, electronic devices need to deliver higher performance and greater functions in a smaller form factor. Development targets such as reducing package size and weight, improving reliability and heat dissipation, while ensuring compliance with global environmental regulations are few of the many challenges device makers face today. Heraeus is a proven reliable partner to overcome these challenges.

China International Semiconductor Executive Summit

Join the Heraeus presentation

„Materials Solutions for Advanced Packaging and Power Electronics“

and see how we can assist you to address these challenges.

Tuesday, October 24th – 11:00 am

Jeff Lin about miniaturization

Dr. Klemens Brunner, about high tech solutions for electronics industry

Chinas' electronics industry grows rapidly and is faced everday with new challenges: Electronic devices need to deliver an ever-increasing function in a smaller space with each new generation.
Heraeus offers a variety of high technology solutions for this industry. Discover the variety of our German high tech solutions and see how we can contribute to your success. I will be happy to meet you at CISES 2017.

Make your appointment to meet Klemens Brunner here.

Li-San Chan about  Miniaturiation

Li-san Chan, about Solder Materials solutions for System-in-Package (SiP)

Driven by form factor, the number of components in SiP are increasing while package size is consistent. This creates challenges for solder materials. Heraeus Electronics can provide you with the industry’s most advanced solder materials solutions for flip chips, SiP and BGA attach to minimize defects and improve yield. Find out more at our booth.

Furthermore we cordially invite you to attend Li-sans presentation on Tuesday, October 24th – 11:00 am.

Make your appointment to meet Li-san Chan here.

Product Highlights at CISES

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