Enabling Maximized Reliability - Heraeus Electronics showcases Packaging Solutions at IMAPS 2017

For electronics packaging solutions and next-generation materials innovations, the microelectronics and semiconductor industries turn to Heraeus. During IMAPS 2017 Heraeus Electronics, will showcase some of its latest innovations in Thick Film Pastes and No Clean Solder pastes.

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October 10-11, 2017

Raleigh North Carolina

Booth 201

Come and meet the experts during the exhibition, and find out how we can assist you in optimizing your process for better results.

Product Highlights at IMAPS

Thick Film Solutions on AlN Substrates

Thick Film Solutions on AlN Substrates

Visit our expert presentations: Thick Film Materials for High Power Hybrid Circuits on Aluminum Nitride

Wednesday, October 11th at 2:30 am
Matt Sgriccia, Product Manager at Heraeus Electronics

For over 40 years, the substrate of choice for designing and fabricating traditional hybrid circuits has been alumina. It has provided the required mechanical strength, electrical resistivity, and thermal performance needed for proper circuit operation.

While creating new and exciting possibilities, the use of aluminum nitride also creates a new set of challenges for thick film suppliers and circuit fabricators. To meet this challenge and the performance demands of high power, high reliability circuit applications, a new line of RoHS and REACH compliant thick film pastes has been developed.

Get to learn more about aforementioned thick films and their critical performance properties before and after reliability testing.

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