Heraeus at PCIM Asia 2018 - Heraeus Presents Unique Engineering Services Close to You

With the further development of wide-bandgap semiconductors, system integration and optimization become a focus topic. With Engineering Services, Heraeus Electronics combines its decades of experience as a materials manufacturer with the possibilities of an advanced test environment. The new system level of engineering services helps customers to accelerate their development process with reduced risks.

June 26-28, 2018
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Hall 2, Booth Number: C05

Come and meet our experts during the exhibition, and find out how our combined expertise can optimize your processes and results.

Highlights at PCIM Asia 2018

Engineering Services – Active Power Cycling

Active Power Cycling

Active power cycling test is regarded as the most important accelerated aging test for power semiconductor devices.

In contrast to the temperature cycling test, the devices under test are actively heated by the power loss of the chip-inside in an active power cycling test, which is closer to the field application compared to the temperature cycling test.

However, various selections of test parameters and control strategies make the active power cycling test the most complicated reliability test to perform.

Heraeus with its strong experience in the field of active power cycling and other reliability tests offers test services to help customers to investigate the reliability performance of their products.

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Die Top System (DTS®) - The revolutionary die interconnection

Die Top System (DTS®)
Layout by courtesy of Fraunhofer IISB

DTS® significantly improves the electrical and thermal conductivity and the reliability of the chip connection, thus increasing the whole module performance.

It enables unparalleled reliability at increased power densities.

DTS® is tailored to your requirements and its implementation in power modules is straightforward, thus speeding up time-to-market, while improving production yield.

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Our Experts speak at PCIM Asia

Investigation of power cycling capability of a novel Cu wire bonded interconnection system

Expert Presentation at PCIM Asia Conference
June 27th, 2018, 15:55
Venue: Hall 2, Conference Room 2
Speaker: Jiang Nan

Packaging technology for power electronics are now facing unprecedented challenges due to the ever-growing power density of power devices and the harsher application environment. Die Top System with its excellent properties of high thermal/electrical conductivities, low coefficient of thermal expansion and good compatibility to commercially available chip metallization is regarded as a promising interconnection technology to improve the performance of power devices under application conditions of high power density and high temperature.

In the study, power cycling tests with harsh test conditions were performed for power devices equipped with/without Die Top System. Authors observed a decrease of chip surface temperature when Die Top System was applied, which would definitely has a positive impact on the reliability performance of the devices in the application. Besides, power cycling results showed a incredible lifetime increase of more than factor of 50 of devices applied with Die Top System compared to that of standard devices. Thus, the significant reliability improvement of devices equipped with Die Top System® was confirmed.

HET materials solutions and services for packaging of power electronic modules

Expert Presentation at PCIM Asia Forum
June 26th, 2018, 14:50
Venue: Hall 2
Speaker: Tim Lu/ Segment Marketing Manager

Due to the continuous rise in the power density, coupled with higher operating temperatures and the demand for improved reliability, packaging materials are brought to the edge of their limits. The new Heraeus materials solutions enable the use of materials in combination with new technology. It significantly improves the electrical, thermal and reliability performance of the die connection, and effects the whole module performance. Additionally, it enables easy processing, improves the yields and helps to bring new packaging solutions faster to market.

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