Get the most out of your power module with Heraeus Die Top System (DTS®)

Speaker: Dr. Christophe Fery

Due to continuous rise in power density, coupled with higher operating temperatures and demand for improved reliability, die attach & interconnection using solder and Al wire are facing their limits.

In comparison, by combining copper wire with sinter technology, the Heraeus DTS® enables an increase of > x50 of the power cycling capability. This enables a reduction of power derating or a reduction of the chip size, thus opening the road for junction temperatures of more than 200 °C.

DTS® relies on wire bonding, which is the most common and proven interconnection technology. With pre-applied sinter paste and fixation material, the industrialization is significantly simplified. With the same equipment, all layout variances are covered from pilot to serial production. And with the support of Heraeus Engineering Services, the time to market is reduced.

The Total Cost of Ownership is therefore minimized, when compared to other advanced die connections.

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