Medical Wire

Whatever the configuration, channels or complexities of your device, the conductor wire or cable needs to be flexible, reliable and flawlessly manufactured for longevity and performance.

Wire Spools

Heraeus medical wire is used in devices for CRM, neuromodulation and cochlear therapies. With cleanroom wire production, special alloys, and vertically integrated quality, we are specialized for the most complex and demanding medical requirements.

Our expertise in precious metals and precision wire manufacturing has made us a trusted partner to the industry’s most important medical device companies. We collaborate with customers on longer-term development projects, and with our vertical integration, you will have an end-to-end supply chain partner every step of the way.

From melt to medical wire, Heraeus has the proven experience and technology to tackle any challenge when it comes to the cables, wire or lead strands for your device.

Medical Wire Spool

Wire Materials

  • Precious: Pt, PtIr, PtW, PtNi, Pd, Au, Ag
  • Refractory: Ta, Nb
  • Clad: Pt or PtIr over Ta core
  • Variety of precious and refractory alloys


  • Diameters as low as 0.0004” / 10 µm
  • Multiple shapes and geometries including round, flat and profile

Micro Strands and Cables

  • Available in all wire materials
  • Single or multiple materials per cable
  • Single or multiple isolated conductor paths within same cable
  • Wide range of geometries including 1x3, 1x7, 1x19 and 7x7

Polymer Coatings

  • ETFE, PFA, PTFE, Polyimide, Polyurethane

Other metals and coating materials available upon request.

Wire Manufacturing

Active Devices

  • Cardiac and Neurostimulation Lead Conductors
  • Defibrillation Electrode Coils
  • Active Device Lead Bodies
  • Sensor Wires

Strands & Cables

  • Cardiac and Neurostimulation Lead Conductors
  • Imaging Catheter Conductor Wire
  • Sensor and signal transmitters
  • Multi-Channel Lead Body
Round Wire

A global reputation for quality and excellence

  • Vertical integration for full process control
  • Dedicated medical environment and quality systems
  • Cleanroom manufacturing

Consistently delivering the reliability and performance you need and expect

  • Material development expertise
  • Properties tailored for component applications
  • Wide range of application testing
  • Services to help you innovate and succeed

World-class expertise in precious metals, metal lifecycle management

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Global presence with the local service and support you need
  • Wide range of value-added processes