Advanced Innovations

Developing and implementing next generation technologies requires superior functionality, greater versatility and improved manufacturing efficiency. The Heraeus Innovation group is dedicated to materials, components and value-add services designed to deliver the future in medical devices.

Wearables Smartwatch and Smartphone

Wearable Medical Devices

Heraeus offers high performance materials and technologies for functional wearables.

Heraeus has vast and diverse materials expertise and processing systems enabling next generation wearable devices. Among these technologies is Tecticoat®. Tecticoat is a conductive polymer-based substance that can be deposited onto a wide variety of textiles and materials to provide high signal quality, comfortable sensors and electrodes.

Implantable Sensors

The need for smart medical devices drives the sensor team at Heraeus who proactively offers sensor solutions for invasive medical devices. Longstanding expertise in multiple sensor markets, Heraeus drives innovation in this area. Ask us how we can assist you with your next sensor.

Neuromodulation Solutions

Heraeus continues to lead innovation in sophisticated implantable electronic devices with an expanded focus on lead components, assemblies and devices for neuromodulation. Ask us about innovative neuromodulation solutions including lead configurations, high density lead arrays and pulse generator housings featuring Amplicoat® and CerMet technologies which offer developers of implants greater flexibility in designing new devices.

3D Printing

Heraeus will develop 3D materials, processes, and components to revolutionize medical device component manufacturing. We enable new designs and reduce costs. Talk to us!

Neuro Display

Enabling Innovation


Heraeus has the strength and backing to pursue advanced technologies to improve the supply chain for the medical devices of tomorrow. With teams dedicated to Innovation, Heraeus is able to become an extension of its customers' development team. This capability will help medical device manufacturers expand into new and emerging applications.


For over 160 years, Heraeus has engaged with our customers to create proven, reliable solutions. Innovation has always been and continues to be at the forefront of Heraeus strategy. The fresh thinking we bring to customers helps them innovate and succeed.

Wearable Medical Devices

  • Dry EEG electrodes/sensors
  • Cardiac monitoring with ECG or HR
  • Rehabilitation wearables (e.g., stimulation, EMG)
  • Bypass of neural deficits caused by disease (e.g., NMES, Neuroprosthetics)
  • Relief devices (e.g., TENS)
  • Health and fitness monitoring
  • Tecticoat allows for adding conductive elements to almost any object including textiles and 3D-printed objects
  • For medical and consumer use

Neuromodulation Solutions

  • DBS stimulation tips
  • Spinal cord stimulation tips
  • Proximal connectors
  • Full lead assembly
  • Pulse generator solutions
  • Regulatory assistance


  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Flow sensors
  • Diagnostic sensors
  • Infection sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Sensor encapsulation

3D Printing

  • Personalized manufacturing
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Unlimited design freedom
Neurostimulation -- CerMet advances opportunities

Heraeus has served the active device market for decades. Innovative alloys, coatings, and manufacturing processes have made us the preeminent global outsourcing partner in the Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) market and neurostimulation markets.

Applications of focus for the Heraeus Innovation Group currently include:

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)

  • Wearable Medical Devices
  • CerMet Composites
  • Coated Electrodes
  • Sensors
  • Miniaturization


  • Wearable Medical Devices
  • Neuromodulation Leads
  • Segmented High Density Electrodes
  • CerMet Composites
  • Sensors


  • Sensors
  • Component Miniaturization
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