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Advanced Technologies

Developing and implementing next generation technologies requires superior functionality, greater versatility and improved manufacturing efficiency. The Heraeus Innovation group is dedicated to materials, components and value-add services designed to deliver the future in medical devices.

Innovation is driven at every level at Heraeus. We work in partnership with our customers to enhance clinical performance while developing solutions that bring the best value to the supply chain.

Advanced products and technologies for interventional therapies include:

  • BiFlex® and TriFlex® Torque Coils
  • NeoTorqueTM Straightening
  • Triton® Alloy
  • ZTG® (Zero Transition Guidewire)

Our engineers are keen to share their knowledge to develop the next generation device together with you. Talk to us!

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Revolutionary Advancements

BiFlex® and TriFlex® Torque Coils
Built for performance, Heraeus BiFlex® and TriFlex® Torque Coils offer unique customizable designs that deliver high torque transfer while maintaining flexibility and 1:1 positioning even at high rotational speeds.

NeoTorqueTM Straightening
The Heraeus NeoTorqueTM process technology builds excellent torque response into our families of nitinol and Triton® alloy guidewires. Unmatched torque response maximizes control and performance in a variety of clinical applications.

Triton® Alloy
The Triton is a "next generation" alloy that retains the superelastic properties of nitinol, but has a higher peak loading force. According to bench testing, compared to traditional binary nitinol this should result in

  • Superior support profile
  • Better pushability / column strength
  • Superior torqueability

ZTG® (Zero Transition Guidewire)
The ZTG guidewire technology has an atraumatic core-to-coil transition. This seamless transition aids in catheter advancement over the wire and also minimizes vascular trauma and vasospasm.

Procedural and Interventional Expertise

Heraeus produces components, assemblies, and finished devices, such as guidewires, for a wide variety of interventional procedures. Our clinical knowledge enables us to collaborate with customers beyond product design and engineering.

Interventional clinical expertise extends into:

  • Cardiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Radiology
  • Vascular Access
  • Neurovascular
  • Peripheral Vascular
  • Structural Heart
  • Urology
  • Many other clinical applications
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