Together, We Improve Lives

Medical devices are complex. They’re highly detailed and need to meet the demanding requirements of physicians and regulators. With a patient’s well-being at stake, devices need to work flawlessly and perfectly. Every time.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, outsourcing has become an essential business strategy for device manufacturers. The most successful partnerships go far beyond a simple supplier relationship, but as an integrated and natural extension of the device manufacturer’s business.

Every strategic outsourcing partnership should include these factors for success:

Technology and materials science and engineering
Every day there are new breakthroughs in how materials and metals can enable components and devices to perform better. This type of materials know-how can be a difference maker in your innovation strategy to help you deliver more successful patient treatment outcomes.

An experienced regulatory track record
Getting your device from the “research lab” to the “real world” requires the ability to navigate through a myriad of regulatory channels, from functionality and materials safety to ongoing manufacturing record-keeping, compliance and standards. The right partner has the experience to clear the path and get you to the market expediently and without unnecessary delays.

Global reach
As your business targets new markets for growth, do your partners have the track record to “go global?” Opportunities in new markets present new challenges, from regulatory to compliance to the local requirements of prospective customers. If your strategy includes global, make sure your outsourcing partners have their “passports” and are ready to travel.

A supplier of fresh ideas
Innovation is the ultimate in competitive advantage. Every strategic outsourcing partnership should center on the commitment to bring new ideas and “what’s next” thinking to the customer.

Strategic clinical insight
Trends and technology innovations accelerate rapid change. Every outsourcing partnership should provide you with access to their thought leaders so you can leverage their insights and expertise. Outsourcing is more than just supplying components and services; it’s about thought leadership and supplying expertise to help you navigate a challenging, competitive and fast-changing marketplace.

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