Our Commitment to Quality Supply

27 March 2020

The current spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) poses major challenges for companies and the population globally.

As a manufacturer of medical products for Orthopaedic surgery, traumatology and septic bone surgery, where prompt patient care is often essential, we are aware of our special social responsibility. In order to meet this challenge, we take extensive, risk-minimizing measures to ensure the manufacture of our products and the service for you as our customer.

Many people, hospitals and companies are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and its consequences. We are also monitoring the development very closely in order to anticipate possible effects on our ability to supply you.

That is why we use all available options to reduce exposure. Extensive guidelines have been introduced for working from home as well as a ban on business trips except for emergencies to support our customers and suppliers. We are currently introducing virtual, digital training opportunities. We are also maximizing alternative contact options.

Currently, the availability of our products is not affected by the consequences of the spread of the virus, nor are the raw materials required for this. We therefore do not currently expect our ability to supply our medical products to be affected. Should this change contrary to expectations, we will inform you accordingly.

However, the worldwide supply chains are already affected by official measures and our freight service providers can sometimes only deliver with delays. We therefore ask for your understanding should you not receive our products in the usual fast delivery time in individual cases.

Stay healthy!