Advancing orthopaedics through regenerative medicine

We live in a world of motion, and whether we travel the globe or play with our children, we feel most alive when we can participate in all that this world has to offer. That is why it is our vision to provide patients with regenerative orthopaedic solutions that will allow them to enjoy all of this for much longer in life than ever before.

"The ability to carry out daily activities without limitation or dependence on others has been found to be a powerful determinant of self-perceived health." Source: Statistics Canada, catalogue 82-033
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Orthopaedic pain should not be a lifetime sentence.

The world population over 60 years of age will increase up to 1,2 billion people by 2025. The increased life expectancy must translate into mobility and this will require new regenerative solutions earlier in the lives of patients to ensure a healthier old age.

"15% of all adults over 60 suffer from osteoarthritis." Source: Haq I, Murphy E, Dacre J. Osteoarthritis. Postgrad Med J 2003;79:377–383
Open the image gallery to see the statistics of population and osteoarthritis development until 2025.

Treatments for muscoskeletal degeneration are highly specialized, costly and resources are restricted. Patients have to live with pain and loss of ability for long periods of time. Therefore Heraeus has embraced this challenge and will develop effective, safe and affordable orthobiologic solutions.

We have a vision for the future of orthopaedics.

New treatment options should bridge the treatment gap in the osteoarthritic patient journey.

Bridging the current treatment gap in osteoarthritis, healthcare practitioners need new treatment options available for increasingly difficult to treat patient cohorts. We want practitioners to be able to intervene earlier in the patient´s journey, in a proactive manner, that will delay or prevent future musculoskeletal degeneration, as well as having technologies available that will ensure treatments are successful despite the increasing burden of lifestyle co-morbidities that increase the risk of an intervention. The ultimate goal still remains to heal the condition completely.

The development of treatments alone is only half the battle won. Patients must also have access to these treatments if we want to see patient´s lives restored. The high cost of clinical evidence, product development and the regulatory burden are very real obstacles that must be overcome.

Our pillars of success

We have dedicated ourselves to these strategic areas to ensure therapeutic and commercial success in the field of orthobiological regeneration.

Biomedical Technology
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This successful clinical work must make the leap from the lab to the surgeon’s hand through intelligent commercial development if we want to be successful. We have carefully crafted a comprehensive roadmap through strategic investment and partnerships with some of the industry’s most promising companies, providing capital, technological/scientific expertise and a global reach that will help transform research into real world innovation.

Clinical evidence
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We have been partnering with the brightest scientific minds, clinical centers of excellence and visionaries in this field. Heraeus Medical is also making significant investments in research through grant funded work, our own in-house sponsored research, as well as development programs in keeping with the scientific heritage of Heraeus.

Innovative Business
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We have been attracting and training experienced sales and marketing specialists within this industry while, at the same time, developing the required commercial structures to support this business model.

This focused dedication allows us to have the required strategy that is essential in bringing the latest regenerative orthobiological portfolio to the market.

Empower HCPs

Since we are breaking new ground, there is a steep learning curve for the entire industry. It is of vital importance that the correct product is used on the correct patient the first time, to ensure the best long term clinical outcome and success for the healthcare provider, the patient and eventually ourselves.

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