90% cure rate for prosthesis infections

The worldwide risk of periprosthetic infections (PPIs) for primary hip and knee prostheses is estimated as 1-2%. PPIs are physically and mentally stressful for patients, and they result in increased costs for hospitals.

Up to 90% of PPIs can be treated effectively with specific infection management. Specialists in various disciplines such as surgery, microbiology and infectious diseases are collaborating closely for this purpose.

The best possible care incorporates an integrated therapeutic approach based on accurate diagnostic tests, and targeted at the individual patient. This combines systemic and local administration of antibiotics to combat biofilms on the implant surface.

Heraeus provides support, as a competent partner with:

  • Many years’ experience with microbial spectra and endoprosthesis infections
  • Specialised products with antibiotics
  • High-quality programmes for professional development
  • Cooperation with the development and commercialisation of rapid diagnostic tests using molecular biological techniques
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