The PALACADEMY® Live Events programme is aimed at orthopaedic and trauma surgeons as well as at specialised OR personnel. Main topics of PALACADEMY® are bone cements, mixing and cementing technique and primary and revision surgery, as well as local antibiotics and infection management.

The PALACADEMY® professional training events take place either in the PALACADEMY® Training Centre in Wehrheim, Germany, or internationally in various countries.

  • Workshops and practical courses (1-2 days)
  • Advanced courses including discussion of case studies (1-2 days)
  • Focus meetings that concentrate on specific questions through presentations, round-table discussions, or as part of discussion groups (2-4 hours)

Date Topic Venue Language
20.04.2017 - 21.04.2017 PALACOS symposium CZ Srní Czech
13.06.2017 - 14.06.2017 Knee Arthroplasty UK Gateshead English
07.11.2017 -
Hip Arthroplasty Infection Masterclass UK Manchester English
21.11.2017 -
Knee Arthroplasty ROI Dublin English
07.12.2017 - 08.12.2017 Infektionsmanagement in der septischen Knochen- und Gelenkchirurgie DE Wehrheim German
Date Topic Venue Language
19.04.2017 - 20.04.2017 Nowoczesna Technika Cementowania DE Wehrheim Polish
20.04.2017 - 21.04.2017 PALACOS Symposium CZ Srní Czech
27.04.2017 - 28.04.2017 Moderne Zementiertechnik DE Bremen German
04.05.2017 - 05.05.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
09.05.2017 - 10.05.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
18.05.2017 - 19.05.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
15.06.2017 Modern Cementing Technique UK Gateshead English
21.06.2017 - 22.06.2017 Infektion im Fokus DE Wehrheim German
06.07.2017 - 07.07.2017 Moderne Zementiertechnik DE Rostock German
21.09.2017 Infektion im Fokus CH Zurich German
27.09.2017 - 28.09.2017 Infektion im Fokus A Vienna German
04.10.2017 - 05.10.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
17.10.2017 - 18.10.2017 Infektion im Fokus DE Berlin German
24.10.2017 - 25.10.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
08.11.2017 - 09.11.2017 Moderne Zementiertechnik DE Wehrheim German
09.11.2017 Infection diagnosis and management UK Manchester English
23.11.2017 Modern Cementing Technique ROI Dublin English
23.11.2017 - 24.11.2017 Modern Cementing Technique DE Wehrheim English
05.12.2017 - 06.12.2017 Infektion im Fokus DE Wehrheim German

Please ask your local Heraeus area manager about available places and registration forms. Further information can be obtained from or by calling +49 6181 35 35 55.

The costs incurred for the various PALACADEMY® formats are covered in several ways. Generally, for courses and workshops, costs are covered for participation fees, meals and refreshments during the course (within reason), hotel accommodation (if applicable) for one person as well as travel to and from the event (with the exception of CME-certified courses).
For satellite symposia and focus meetings, participation fees are generally covered. Detailed information on each course is available from

Costs are covered in accordance with the ’Heraeus Medical Code of Conduct with Health Care Professionals’. The code of ethics is available here:
Heraeus Medical Code of Conduct with Health Care Professionals

Employer's approval
We will provide you with a form that notifies your employer of your participation and enables them to grant approval.

PALACADEMY Training Center
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D-61273 Wehrheim
Tel. +49 6081 959-0
How to get there

The Heraeus Medical Education Team is happy to answer any questions you may have!
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