How can we improve infection prevention? Avoiding infection with antibiotic-loaded bone cement in high risk patients

Live Webinar - Submitted for 6 CME credits

6 October 2020 / 20:15 - 22:00 CET

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2020-10-06 20:15:00

Periprosthetic joint infections are still one of the most challenging complications in arthroplasty. Patients at high risk for infection are more and more considered to be the key group, where PJI risk can and must be decreased.

We are happy to present a Webinar which asks “How can we improve infection prevention? Avoiding infection with ALBC in high risk patients”. International experts from all over Europe share their experiences in case discussions and present their study data. Discuss with our experts: How can risk for infection be defined? How should high risk patients be treated? Which strategies are promising? What is the role of dual antibiotic-loaded bone cements?


1 Welcome and Introduction

2 PJI prevention: who is at risk for infection?

3 Cases and strategies in primary arthroplasty

4 Live Discussion – Voting, Q&A


5 Questions in revision

6 Cases, strategies and cost aspects in revision arthroplasty

7 Live Discussion, Questions & Answers and Take Home