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How do I prepare myself for the joint replacement surgery?

As a rule, prosthesis operations are elective interventions, which means the timing of the operation can be planned in advance. This allows thorough and timely preparations to be made. The success of a joint replacement surgery and the subsequent healing process depend, to a great extent, on your motivation and cooperation.

What can I do prior to a prosthesis operation?

Joint replacement surgery: Tips for preparation Ryan
  • Try to reduce any excess weight.
  • As far as possible avoid alcohol and cigarettes or at least reduce the amount you drink and smoke.
  • Start physiotherapy exercises prior to the prosthesis operation and practise walking with aids. This will allow you to get up and about more quickly after the operation.
  • The hospitalisation after a prosthesis operation takes up some time. Potentially this will be followed by a stay at a rehabilitation clinic. Therefore decide beforehand who is going to look after pets and plants and empty the letterbox during your several weeks of absence.
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