HERAFILL® beads G - resorbable bone void filling material

HERAFILL®, which contains antibiotics, is a unique bone void filling material - a form of bone subsitute. As bone filler, it is suitable for the complex requirements in the treatment of bone defects. Thanks to the addition of the proven broad-spectrum antibiotic gentamicin, HERAFILL® enables efficient infection management for a wide range of indications:

  • orthopaedics/traumatology
  • septic
  • aseptic
HERAFILL bone subsitute

HERAFILL® beads G*

  • High concentration, local gentamicin release within the first 72h protecting against bacterial colonisation
  • Complete biodegradation occurs within a few months
  • Osteoconductive properties support bone growth
  • Can be combined with other materials, such as spongiosa and bone chips
  • Calcium carbonate buffers the pH in the wound to physiological levels and enhances antibiotic protection


Instruction for use

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