PALAMIX® and PALAVAGE® - Mixing and pulse lavage for modern cementing technique

In modern cementing techniques, the combination of different elements is crucial to the long-term surgical outcome. Today, ’state-of-the-art’ not only refers to the choice of suitable bone cement, but also to vacuum mixing systems that produce homogeneous, standardised mixtures, bone bed cleaning with a pulse lLavage system, and the application of pressure with a pressuriser.

As essential components of modern cementing technology, Heraeus offers its customers both a high-quality vacuum mixing system (PALAMIX®) as well as an effective pulse lavage system (PALAVAGE®).

PALAMIX (mixing and collecting under vacuum)

PALAMIX® - The next generation*

  • Optimal homogeneity of the bone cement thanks to mixing under vacuum
  • Reproducibly high bone cement quality
  • Easy and time-saving use thanks to collection under vacuum
  • Minimal handling steps make mastering its use easier
  • Universal: one cartridge size for different procedures with variable bone cement requirements
  • Filling funnel with particle filter prevents glass particles in the bone cement


  • Safe and easy handling
  • Reproducible mixing results due to a standardised mixing concept
  • Easy to incorporate into surgical procedures
  • Selection of nozzles for different indications
  • Diverse pressurisers for optimal cementing techniques

Safety and Standardisation for improved cement quality

PALAVAGE pulse lavage


  • Gentle but thorough cleaning of the bone bed to get rid of loose bone, tissue and blood particles
  • Significant reduction of the risk of embolisms and cardio-respiratory complications
  • After cleaning, clearly improved penetration of the cement into the bone bed
  • Optimized interlocking between cement and bone is possible – resulting a reduction in the shearing forces
  • Supporting long survival rates due to an optimum bone-cement interface
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