microDTTect – Improving PJI-diagnostics

The detection of pathogens, especially in biofilm, which cause PJI is a big challenge. In revision procedures it is difficult to distinguish between aseptic loosening or septic loosening caused by a low-grade infection.

Sampling errors and inadequate sample transport frequently cause false-positive cultures. Incorrect PJI detection may lead to misjudgement in patient-targeted treatments, which bears a risk of complications and extra costs for the hospital. Increasing sensitivity and specificity with anti-biofilm procedures, as with microDTTect, can save personnel and financial resources.

microDTTect - PJI-Diagnostic in biofilm-associated infections


microDTTect is a closed in-vitro-system to enable antibiofilm treatments for retrieved implants and biopsies. It allows for transporting and processing samples in a closed system. Dithiothreitol (DTT) dissolves the polysaccharide matrix of the biofilm and dislodges bacteria for further identification and determination.

  • Easy handling in the OR
  • Safe transport from OR to the microbiology lab in a closed system
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Effective dissolution of biofilm on implants and tissue
  • Increasing sensitivity and specificity in PJI-diagnostics
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