PALACOS® pro - All-in-One Fixation SystemTM

Fixated on Simplicity

The All-in-One Fixation SystemTM of bone cement and vacuum mixing system helps to improve workflow standardisation.

Designed for Safety

Vacuum mixing in a completely closed system, minimising the risk of bone cement contamination, exposure to MMA fumes, sharps injuries and spills.

Known for superiority

PALACOS® has been known as the gold standard in primary arthroplasty for 60 years, achieving lower revision rates.

PALACOS® R+G pro and PALACOS® MV+G pro

  • All-in-One Fixation SystemTM for standard joint replacement procedures
  • Proven quality of PALACOS® bone cement with gentamicin
  • Safe and contactless handling of the cement components
  • Reduction of methyl methacrylate (MMA) fumes in the OR - integrated filters reduce MMA fumes to levels well below the limits of the health and safety guidelines

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Handling Video PALACOS R+G pro