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HeraeusCare® - Automates your clinical pathway

HeraeusCare® is a novel web-based digital solution, created to streamline hospital-patient interactions.

How does HeraeusCare® facilitate your life?

HeraeusCare® is a mobile platform automating your care coordination process and optimizing patient‘s journeys.

The patients are provided a mobile app that supports, guides and reminds them during their entire journey.

You as healtcare provider will use a dashboard, which allows you to follow up on the patient and react in time.

HeraeusCare® is interactive for both you and your patients, making communication less time sensitive.

We create an individualized care pathway, specific to the needs of your hospital. HeraeusCare® centralizes and automates hospital-patient interactions from admission through recovery. During this process the patient’s interactions get continuously tracked digitally.

Your Benefits in Detail

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