Pulse Lavage - Bone Bed Cleaning

Cleaning of bone bed with pulse lavage; before (left) and after (right)
Cleaning of bone bed with pulse lavage; before (left) and after (right)

In addition to vacuum mixing and pressurisation, bone bed cleaning with a pulse lavage system has evolved to become an important aspect of modern cementing technique. The risk of revisions is much lower according to study data.1,2

The bone bed can be cleaned effectively with a pulse lavage system, leaving the surgical site ideally prepared for the application of cement.2

PALAVAGE® More effective cleaning - reduced waste

PALAVAGE - Bone bed cleaning
  • Optimal cleaning power: Highest pulse rate (3500 per minute) for thorough cleaning of the bone bed
  • Clearly reduced waste: Up to 80% less material consumption compared to single-use systems
  • Diverse applications: Different attachments with and without suction for hip and knee surgery
  • Complete control: Ergonomic handpiece allows easy and precise control of the flow rate

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2 Breusch S J et al. Zementierte Hüftendoprothetik – Verminderung des Fettembolierisikos mittels gepulster Druckspülung. Orthopäde 2000; 29: 578–586.