A matter of trust

Trust plays a special role in the relationship between suppliers and customers. Trust is difficult to measure and prove, and yet it has a considerable influence on your decisions.


"You can trust us" is the rallying cry of nearly every supplier – particularly in financial markets, where the feeling of being in good hands with a provider is so important. But because everyone makes the same assertion, it is difficult to simply take their word for it. Ultimately, trust must be earned. Trustworthiness is difficult to prove.

And yet, you must be able to trust your service provider, because especially in the precious metals and recycling environment, important factors are beyond your control. Like it or not, in the end you must rely on your chosen partners to be trustworthy and act fairly. You must have confidence that they will do as they promise: Obtain the greatest possible yield from your precious metal residues and credit you with the full value of that yield.

Transparency contributes to trust

Transparency is a sign that there is nothing to hide. Sampling is a crucial step in the recycling process, because the analysis results are used to determine the precious metal content of your material and therefore its monetary value. When we take samples of your material, you can be there in person as the actual process takes place – and not in a gleaming showroom laboratory.

Certification contributes to trust

We are not only certified for compliance with various standards in the precious metals sector, but are also active in every major association in our industry:

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