M222 Pb-free Pt-RTD Sensors: A Sustainable Solution

Germany - Kleinostheim, 20.11.2023

Sensing and controlling temperature play a pivotal role in modern industries, ensuring the smooth operation of various processes and technologies. Temperature sensors are essential in ensuring efficiency, safety, and product quality across various sectors, including process industries, food production, home appliance, energy management, HVAC, and healthcare. The introduction of the M222 Pb-free Pt-RTD sensor, designed to comply with existing and future RoHS legislation, represents a significant step toward a more sustainable and environmentally responsible electronics industry. Customers benefit from environmental responsibility, reliability, and market competitiveness, making the switch to M222 Pb-free technology a commitment to a sustainable future across diverse industries.

Many of the YAGEO Nexensos elements are Pb-free by design, such as the SMD and PCB types, our low temperature L-Series and high temperature H-Series.

The new pb-free M222-Type elements provide the performance and specification of the well-known M222. They ensure long-term compatibility with RoHS legislation and do not use the RoHS exemption 7C-1.

The M222 Pb-free Pt-RTD Sensor Aligns with RoHS Regulations and Offers Various Advantages:

  • Environmentally Responsible: M222 Pb-free sensors contribute to environmental protection across all industries by reducing hazardous substances in electronic products.
  • Longevity and Reliability: Renowned for their long lifespan, high accuracy, and low signal drift, M222 Pt-RTD sensors ensure consistent temperature measurements, making them ideal for precision manufacturing, food production, energy management and HVAC, as well as healthcare applications and many more.
  • Global Compliance: The M222 Pb-free sensors do not use exemption 7C-1 and will be RoHS compliant even if 7C-1 is not renewed by the EU. They adhere to global environmental standards, supporting long term market access for industries worldwide.
  • Competitive Edge: Manufacturers who opt for M222 Pb-free technology gain a competitive advantage in today's eco-conscious marketplace, regardless of their industry. YAGEO Nexensos will continue to provide the exceptional value that has elevated the M222 into its market leading position.

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