Sensortest Heraeus Nuremberg

Heraeus at the Sensor+Test / Sensor Expo & Conference 2019 - The leading trade fairs for sensor, measurement, and testing technology

High-precise temperature measurement is essential for many key technologies and a prerequisite for effective technical solutions. Heraeus Nexensos supplies high-precision temperature sensors and sensor solutions for existing and future applications.

We would like to extend an invitation to visit us at the Sensor+Test exhibition in Nuremberg or for Sensors Expo & Conference at McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California.

Please enjoy a beverage with our experts and discuss about the platinum temperature sensor in existing markets or for new applications:

  • Sensor solutions for electromobility
  • Sinterable temperature sensors for power electronics
  • Temperature measurement and control in combustion engines
  • Heater and sensor-heater combinations

Temperature is the most critical measurement performing in several process steps. Heraeus Nexensos supports you to realize your competitive advantage for a successful market development and sustainable market establishment.

You can find us here:


  • 25th -27th June 2019
  • Booth #1-440, Exhibition hall Nuremberg

Sensors Expo & Conference

  • 26th-27th June 2019 Exhibition, Booth 1321
  • 25th-27th June 2019 Conference
  • McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California

Meet our expert Martin Bleifuß at the Sensor+Test and learn more about our efficient products and solutions for the E-Mobility.

Head of Application Engineering, Martin Bleifuß
Head of Application Engineering, Martin Bleifuß

What does your job at Heraeus involve?

As an application engineer I take care of the needs of the market, formulate these into requirements and develop solutions. I am in close contact with our sales and our customers with their developers.

Of course, we always keep an eye on our core competencies and at the same time take into account new application and technology trends.

What are your expectations for developments in the electromobility market?

The market for electric vehicles is growing. Here, the important system, such as battery, electric motor, charging sockets and power electronics modules must be temperature-monitored. New materials increase the operating temperatures, which must be precisely measured to protect the components.

Where do you see the biggest opportunity for the platinum sensor?

More and more electronic components finding their way into the automotive world. The standards are generally much higher in terms of durability, process stability and quality. This means, that many existing solutions in the electronics world do not meet the requirements of automotive customers.

For this reason, existing basic concepts can be adapted, but some components have to be replaced by higher quality solutions.