RTD Probes & Assemblies: Sensors with Housing, Lead Extension or Cables

Most temperature sensing applications require sensing elements packaged in protective housings. To reduce development times and costs, YAGEO Nexensos supports you with housed and pre-housed sensor options suitable for a wide variety of applications and mounting environments. Several of the sensor elements, probes & assemblies are available from stock to facilitate a quick prototyping process. Smaller quantities for prototyping purposes are available through our distribution partners.


Assembly Series

Sensor Elements with Long Lead Wires and Lead Extensions

For optimization in your volume assembly lines our RTD elements are available with platinum, platinum-coated nickel, and nickel lead wires up to 100mm length.

For smaller volumes YAGEO Nexensos offers a selection of high runner RTD elements with laser-welded wire extensions made from PTFE isolated stranded wires.

For larger requests and volumes YAGEO Nexensos supports you with customized lead extensions. Lead attachment method and wire insulation material can be chosen to match the maximum required operating temperature and other application requirements, such as special long cable lengths. Our  sales team will be happy to assist you in choosing the right lead extension for your application.

Housed and Pre-housed Temperature Probes and Assemblies

YAGEO Nexensos offers a range of standard solutions with temperature sensors pre-mounted in protective housings.

For larger requests and projects, customization is offered for housing size and material, including ceramic, metal, and plastics. Housing designs are adaptable to the specific requirements of the application. Robust encapsulation techniques ensure protection from the specific environmental and mechanical conditions of the application. To learn more about our various sensor assemblies options, please contact our  sales team .

In partnership with our customers, each design may be modified as required to meet the specific requirements of a production-quantity application. To learn more about our various sensor probes & assemblies solutions, please contact our  sales team .

Encapsulated Precision Temperature Sensor EC3032

Encapsulated Precision Temperature Sensor EC3032
Encapsulated Precision Temperature Sensor EC3032

The Encapsulated Precision Temperature Sensor EC3032 combines the precision and reliability of the YAGEO Nexensos M-type RTD with robust encapsulation and insulated extension wire.

As a standard product with an operating range from -50 °C to 200 °C (short-term up to 250 °C) the sensor is ideal for applications in industrial automation, analytical equipment, e-motors, battery temperature monitoring and EV charging plugs. The EC3032 is a standard product. For automotive and e-mobility applications, YAGEO Nexensos may consider customer requests regarding whether or what additional documentation (e.g. PPAP, IDMS) may be provided.

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