Sensor Assemblies: Sensors with housing, lead extension or cables

Many temperature sensing applications require sensing elements packaged in protective housings. To reduce development time and cost, Heraeus has developed a line of standard housed sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications. Several of the sensor models are available to facilitate the quick prototyping process. Small quantities for prototyping purposes are available through our distribution partners.

Application Examples

  • Pt sensor in ceramic housing (-40°C to +260°C)
    Stator winding temperature, household appliances, white goods, lab instrumentation & ovens, HVAC, pre-assembly for temperature probes
  • Pt sensor in metal housing (-40°C to +500°C)
    HVAC, data logging, lab instrumentation & ovens
  • Pt sensor in metal housing with mounting flange (-40°C to +500°C)
    Ovens, HVAC, general purpose temperature sensing
  • Pt sensor in molded plastic housing (-20°C to +110°C)
    Data logging, HVAC, general purpose temperature sensing
  • Pt sensor in threaded metal housing (-40°C to +260°C)
    Temperature sensing in heat sinks, motor & bearing casings, mechanical equipment

In partnership with our customers, each design may be modified as required to meet the specific requirements of a production-quantity application.

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