32208570 - Surface-Mounted RTD (SMD) Element

The main application emphasis of the SMDFC 0805 is hybrid circuits.Mass production, precision, long - term stability and low costs are also key themes of the design.The contact surfaces are on the side with the active measuring layer- no edge metallizing; i.e, the sensor is designed for face-down mounting,to take into account current trends in the adhesion instead of soldering electronics sector.Using conductive adhesives provides reliable and cost-effective connection technology, an alternative to the conventional application opportunities, such as reflow or wave soldering. An important advantage for users; the substrate material of the sensor (ceramic) shows a similar thermal expansion to that of the hybrid circuit.
The products are typically used in energy management, medical and Industrial equipment. In principle, the products can also be used in automotive applications,in this case YAGEO Nexensos will check upon the request of the customer, whether additional requirements can be met (e.g. IMDS, PPAP).


Technical Data

  • Type: SMD 0805 FC
  • Nominal Resistance R₀ [Ω]: Pt1000
  • Tolerance Class: F 0.6 (2B)
  • Min. Temp. °C: -50
  • Max. Temp. °C: 170
  • Min. Tolerance Temp. °C: -50
  • Max. Tolerance Temp. °C: 170
  • Size [mm] (L₁xWxH): 2.1 / 1.35 / 0.41
  • Length₂ (mm): 0.46
  • Connection Technology: Reflow soldering or wave soldering, e.g. double wave soldering ≤ 8 s /235 °C.
    Also, can be mounted using SMD insertion machines with Ag conductive adhesive. When mounting PCB circuits, the expansion relationship of the sensor and the substrate material must be taken into account
  • Self-Heating: 0.8 K/mW at 0 °C
  • Packaging: Blister reel
  • Storage Life: At least 9 months (after manufacture), when stored under the recommended conditions. Longer shelf life may be possible, depending upon actual storage conditions,after requalification by customer.
    Nitrogen atmosphere recommended.

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