Platinum temperature sensors and solutions for electromobility. Innovative strength and agility to succeed in the market.

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The electromobility market is extremely appealing and holds great promise, offering interesting opportunities to grow with the market and to profit from it. Economies and policy exert time and profitability pressure on electromobility advancements. Manufacturers also face critical barriers that threaten to derail necessary market breakthroughs. Electromobility is becoming a key technology for the cars of tomorrow.

Driving Your Successful Market Establishment.

Whoever wants to be at the forefront of the promising future of electromobility needs to be fast and highly innovative – and those who aim to remain on top need to put reliable products on the road right from the start. Precarious structures, extreme pressure to innovate and high interdisciplinary standards characterize the dynamic market. Nexensos, as a developer and supplier of platinum temperature sensors, supports you in realizing crucial competitive advantages by:

  • increasing your room to innovate
  • breaking through technical design limits
  • accelerating your development speed
  • optimizing your process and cost efficiency
  • guaranteeing your performance quality
  • minimizing risks

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Solutions to Put You in the Passing Lane.


Precise sensors, accurate data and reliable controls are fundamental requirements for the rapid development and testing of high-performance and dependable products. These factors temperature sensor technology an elementary technology that is key in determining the competitiveness of applications in electromobility.

Essential competitive advantages can be gained through the specific performance benefits of platinum temperature sensors, such as an extended temperature range, the highest degree of precision and reliable long-term stability. These benefits provide better conditions for product optimization. They create room for innovative technology advancements, for instance, by making it possible to use new materials and material combinations or alternative handling processes and installation options.

In addition, the profitability of a sensor system depends heavily on the innovative strength within each of the individual value creation steps. This explains why significant potential for cost reduction can be realized by selecting suitable sensors, allowing savings in the use of materials and improvements in the handling processes in packaging and integration.

Exact customization to the respective requirements of the application is generally needed in order to achieve the necessary functionality, precision and reliability. Therefore, our experts work closely with application developers.

Heraeus Nexensos develops and supplies standardized and customer-specific platinum temperature sensor solutions for applications in electromobility with the highest quality standards “Made in Germany”. Whether for monitoring the electrical drive or the battery cell, test procedures for electric motors or the temperature management in the charging cycle and in the modules of power electronics – the innovative development fields are as diverse as their application areas.