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YAGEO Nexensos: Technical Leadership and Proven Product Performance Help New Sensor Makers Enter the Exhaust Gas Emission Business

The implementation of new emission standards in China requires lower and more stringent CO2 and particle emissions for Diesel and gasoline exhaust systems. While the requirements lead to more complex emission control systems, it offers huge business opportunities for temperature sensors.

In western markets supply chains for exhaust gas cleaning equipment and components are well established. OEMs have reduced R&D efforts in this area, and shifted the development focus to e-mobility.

In Asia, Diesel and gasoline car ownership is expected to increase over the coming years, accompanied by tighter emission regulation. This development generates good business opportunities for local sensor producers.

HDA Sensor

YAGEO Nexensos has a long and successful history in providing HDA420 Pt elements for high temperature sensors. Reliable product quality, the well-known YAGEO Nexensos name and our team of experts ensure the best possible customer and technical support. Going beyond just suppling the sensing element, YAGEO Nexensos can provide technical support related to sensor design and material selection, including sensor housing construction, potting material selection, optimization of material combinations and welding process parameters.

Local Entrepreneurship and German Expertise – a Successfully Partnership to Develop Business in Asia

One of our customers, a growing Tier 1 automotive sensor supplier, was eager to seize new market opportunities to increase their business with local OEMs in exhaust gas temperature applications (EGT). Building upon support from YAGEO Nexensos and their local network to choose the best materials and material combinations, the Tier 1 supplier was able to optimize sensor probe performance within a short development time.

With YAGEO Nexensos design expertise and reliable product solutions aligning with the strict national standards for emissions, the Tier supplier used PT200 HDA sensor to successfully manage the challenging, high temperature environment in gasoline exhaust systems. As a result, they have fulfilled all key quality requests over the past year, have won major orders from OEMs and continuously develop more business opportunities in exhaust gas emissions reduction.

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