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Sensor+Test 2018 Heraeus

Heraeus at the Sensor+Test 2018 - The leading trade fair for sensor, measurement, and testing technology

Temperature is the most critical measurement performed in the process industry. Heraeus Sensor Technology supplies high-precision temperature sensors and sensor solutions for existing and future applications.

We would like to extend an invitation to visit us at the Sensor + Test exhibition in Nuremberg from June 26th to 28th, 2018.

You can find us in hall 1 booth 440.

Please enjoy a beverage with our experts while we discuss:

  • Platinum-temperature sensors
  • Sensor solutions for E-Mobility
  • Heaters and sensor-heater combinations

High-precision temperature measurement is essential for many key technologies, and a prerequisite for effective technical solutions. Innovative products and solutions from Heraeus provide our customers with the opportunity to reach their targets, and produce reliable sensors for process technology, automotive applications, and any other critical application.

Meet our experts at the Sensor+Test and learn more about our efficient products and solutions for the sensor market.

Dieter Teusch Product Manager Heraeus
Product Manager, Dieter Teusch

What does your job at Heraeus involve?

As a Product Manager, I speak to our customers with the goal of identifying their current and future requirements. Together with my colleagues from Research & Development and Production we strive to provide the most effective solution.

Furthermore, we closely monitor the latest market trends and new technologies, and develop concepts and product solutions for tomorrow and the day after.

How was the development of Heraeus Sensor Technology developed during the last years?

The foundation for high-precision temperature measurement was laid in 1906 with the invention of the platinum temperature sensor by Heraeus. Anticipating the commercial demands of our customer, Heraeus Sensor Technology implemented efficient large-scale production at an early stage. State of the art platinum sensors are produced via thin and thick-film technologies, and can be used as a sensor, precision heater, or a combined sensor/heater.

A major area of focus for us is exhaust gas temperature measurement in the harsh environment of combustion engine emission control systems. At the same time, we also develop temperature sensors for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The typical engine temperature in electric vehicles is lower than in combustion vehicles. Regardless of operating temperature, or powertrain type, however, all significant vehicle systems require precise temperature measurement for reliable, optimized operation.

We are currently developing sensor solutions for high-precision temperature monitoring in electric engines, lithium ion batteries, charger plugs, and power electronic modules.

What do you think is Heraeus´s greatest strength?

Our greatest strengths are the interaction between experts from different Heraeus business areas, and the vast technical knowledge of our specialists. The result is a comprehensive material expertise in metals, ceramics and glass. This expertise is applicable to sensor solutions in new technologies; for example, in the lithium ion battery and power electronics technology.

Key Account Automotive Sensors Mario Bachmann
Key Account Automotive Sensors, Mario Bachmann

Mario Bachmann, as a Key Account Manager for Automotive sensors, what are your expectations for developments in the automotive sensor market?

The sensor market in the high temperature range (up to 1000°C) is growing as a result of the implementation of new exhaust emission standards. The technical demands for the sensors will increase in the coming years, especially in the greater Asia region. In addition to precise exhaust gas temperature measurement in emission control systems, monitoring and control of the particulate filter will play an essential role. Heraeus has developed a specialized platinum sensor for this application.

Another interesting topic is the growing market for electric vehicles. The key systems, including the battery, electric engine, and charging system, must be temperature-controlled for safe and efficient operation. In cooperation with system manufacturers, Heraeus is developing solutions for a variety of specific applications.

What are the most significant advantages for the customer when they use a platinum sensor?

Thanks to our automated large-scale production capabilities, and the continuous advancement of our temperature sensor technology, we are able to assure excellent performance for the complete temperature range of -40°C up to +1000°C. In addition, our platinum sensors deliver a high-precision measurement, and outstanding long-term stability.

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