Pt-RTD Sensor Assemblies: Forward integration to match your sensing needs

  • December 6th 2022, at 9:00 PM – 10:00 AM CET.

Our Pt-RTD elements are well known for their accuracy, quality and stability. We bring these benefits closer to your application by forward integrating Pt-RTD elements with a variety of conductors and housings.

Nexensos sensor assemblies ensure best in class temperature sensing and sustainability for the lifetime of your end-product.

What types of assemblies are available and can they be modified or even customized? How about testing the assembly performance to your application requirements?

Get to know the full package of design modifications, application integration and test performance.

Reflecting the reach of our Platinum sensor assembly expertise, the presenters are located at our headquarter in Kleinostheim, Germany and our local sensor assembly competence center in Shanghai, China.

Our Experts

Profit from our technical experts Ms. Charlotte Clemen (Sample and Ramp-Up Engineering Lead, Asia) and Mr. Dominik Schneider (Product & Market Segment Manager – Sensor Assemblies) at Heraeus Nexensos.

Charlotte Clemen

Sample and Ramp-Up Engineering Lead, Asia

Dominik Schneider

Product & Market Segment Manager – Sensor Assemblies

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