Infrared Heat for Agriculture & Construction Equipment

Infrared heat for agriculture and construction equipment

Gas catalytic infrared heat is particularly suitable for the efficient coating and curing of materials, especially metals, used in the agriculture and construction industry. The materials include, for example, the steel casings of welding equipment.

Your advantages with gas catalytic infrared heat:

  • Significant time savings compared to conventional convection ovens
  • Quality improvements and energy savings

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Applications for Agriculture & Construction equipment include:

Gas-catalytic infrared heat for agriculture equipment

A new energy-efficient powder coating system was installed at a company's site. The system is designed to cure powder coating on large agricultural parts; the performance of the oven exceeded expectations with significant time savings of about 80%.

Gas-catalytic IR reduces curing time of zinc-rich primer on welding equipment

Mobile welding equipment is used in many different environments. Consequently, their casings are protected against corrosion by a base coating and then finished with a decorative top coating. A gas catalytic oven from Heraeus is now significantly helping to allow the anti-corrosion coating on the mild steel casings of the welders to be dried in half the previous time

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