Heraeus Noblelight UK confirms expansion plans

Welcome to this newly created webpage where we aim to share information and latest news regarding our move and expansion plans to a new location in Cambridge. We are glad to have you along on the journey!

Heraeus Noblelight in Cambridge is the world renowned and market leading manufacturer of high performance speciality light sources, including Flashlamps, Flash Systems and PID lamps. Founded in Cambridge in the late 70’s, and now with headquarters in Hanau, Germany and subsidiaries around the world; Heraeus Noblelight has experienced huge demand for its products in areas including industrial manufacturing, environmental protection, and medicine & cosmetics to name a few.

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Update on Heraeus Noblelight’s move schedule

Heraeus at Northstowe
Heraeus at Northstowe

We are excited to provide you with more details on the timing of our relocation to our new facility in Northstowe, North Cambridge.

As previously communicated, our move is scheduled for “early 2024” and we are pleased to announce that the main site transition will take place during the Easter holidays next year, 2024. This enables us to take advantage of bank holidays which already occur during this time. The site transition is carefully planned to minimise production down time, the current plan is to only close the factory for 5 days.

There has been a lot of activity working on the design of the new building, and we are delighted to share the first conceptual images of the complete renovations. We expect to “break ground” with works commencing on the new site on 1st July 2023. Our main focus is to ensure the building is designed to be a “best in class” manufacturing facility, - delivering the best quality flashlamps to our customers with the shortest possible lead times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support and please remember to check back here for further updates.

Merry Christmas from Northstowe

The Christmas Tree at Northstowe
Image taken from our future new home of Northstowe, North Cambridge

Since the recent announcement of our move to Northstowe, careful planning and preparation of all aspects of the move are progressing well. We are very excited to share more updates throughout next year.

But for now, we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all of us in Cambridge.

Our new facilities

Heraeus Noblelight has announced that following a significant investment from the German parent company, they are able to re-locate their production and research facilities into a larger, purpose designed premises in Northstowe, North Cambridge.

The much-anticipated move will enable Heraeus to increase manufacturing capacities to double the output in 5 years; reducing lead times for customers and ensuring that we have a “best in class” manufacturing facility, leading the way in workplace safety and environmentally aware manufacturing.
This project will be undertaken in multiple stages, to minimize any production disruption. With the first steps already underway, the estimated completion date is early 2024.

New facilities in UK
Aerial photograph of the new factory

Northstowe relocation updates

More updates on the progress of the move will be shared here.


FAQ´s on the Northstowe relocation

Our current site is not big enough to meet future manufacturing demands of flashlamp and PID products. The objectives of the move are to increase the production space, consolidating all employees under one roof and improve factory production facilities which will enable us to increase capacity and reduce lead times.

Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on quality and consistent products. The focus of our teams will be on maintaining our high-quality standards for all lamps, regardless of move activities. Our products will undergo the same processes, and rigorous testing and inspection steps. If you have any further concerns, please get in touch with your local sales representative.

We are carefully planning to move in stages, to ensure we mitigate any potential disruption.

As above we are planning the move in stages and putting in measures to reduce the time of total shut down to hours, so there shouldn’t be any significant impact on lead times.

With our larger and upgraded facilities we will be working to gradually reduce the leadtime. It is planned that all orders with Q3 2023 delivery dates or later will be supplied on time.

Growing demands

Growing demands for photonic based products

Flashlamps are considered a mature technology, which many predicted would become redundant since the introduction of laser diodes and high-power LEDs. However, the global demand for Flashlamps has never been higher; following a surge in market demand since the Global recovery from the Covid pandemic, particularly from the Aesthetic market sectors and non-laser applications such as IPL.

Through the experience of developing our pioneering automated manufacturing processes, our engineering team gained unique expertise into designing and manufacturing flash lamp systems with and for our customers.
As a result, several new applications areas were discovered where utilising the broad band spectral output from a flashlamp – combined with Optical design and Power supply know-how, Heraeus is able to offer complete flash system solutions.

The humm3®, Flexe3® and Bluelight® flash systems cover a range of application areas. From high-speed packaging disinfection to advanced composite heating, we are only touching the surface of utilising the power of light for industrial processes.

Heraeus speciality PID (photoionization detector lamps) are also manufactured at the Cambridge site. These lamps are used in the security & environmental sectors for detection of volatile organic compounds, narcotics and explosives. With global legislation changes, focus on environmental emissions & drives to improve air quality demand continues to increase for PID lamps at a fast pace.

humm3 discovery
Learn more about humm3 discovery in our video.

Innovation from the beginning

Innovation from the beginning

Innovation from the beginning

Starting in 1979, as one of the original companies on what is now the Cambridge Science Park, Noblelight, (now Heraeus Noblelight), has been rooted in innovation and product development from inception. Originally founded with only three employees, Noblelight began by focusing on and developing excitation lamps for lasers.

In 1987 the company became a part of the Heraeus Group, which has been delivering advanced technologies across the globe for more than 160 years. This new ownership provided stronger financial backing and access to advanced lamp manufacturing technology including quartz glass expertise.

The growing usage of lasers for research and industrial applications, drove rapid market and product development. Heraeus Noblelight developed the first “long life” continuous laser lamps, named the Supalamp Series. This brought the benefit of significantly increased operating life from utilising flash lamp technologies to the mass market, and intern drove the expansion of new industrial customer application areas. Over the last fifteen years we have developed our own automated flash lamp manufacturing processes. As a result, we are proud to have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise three times, most recently in 2015. These pioneering processes improved quality and operating life to such a degree that flash lamps now see continued use in applications previously predicted to lose out to other technologies.

Site changes over the years

Site changes over the years

Noblelight founders
Noblelight site
Noblelight first years
Noblelight production site
Noblelight team starting

As previously mentioned Noblelight, now Heraeus Noblelight, was a founding presence on what is now the Cambridge science park and has been based locally since 1979. The original building, 161 was built in 1983 as a purpose-built facility, designed for the companies flashlamp manufacturing processes.
Over the years this facility has undergone many changes, however it has simply become too small to be able to respond to current market demands, leading to the decision to move to a larger facility. This opportunity to completely redesign the production floor will enable streamlining production cells, increase efficiency and reduce lead times. All employees being under the same roof will ensure we continue to innovate and drive the future of flashlamp technologies.

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