Infrared heat and UV technology for the fast and effective processing of plastics materials

Infrarot- und UV-Strahler für dekorative Kunststoffbeschichtung im IMD Verfahren - Photo KURZ
IR in IMD process - photo und video KURZ

The production of decorative plastic parts using the IMD process benefits from infrared heat and UV technology.

Decorative mouldings in cars, switches with a metal look or high-gloss fittings are made of injection-moulded plastic and coated on the outside. This is often done in the IMD process, the so-called in-mould decoration.

Heraeus Noblelight presents IR and UV technology for the optimisation of IMD decoration and other intelligent manufacturing processes at the Fakuma trade fair.

Infrared heat - emitters for targeted heat processing of plastics materials

Heraeus Noblelight at Fakuma 2017

Heat plays a central role in processing plastics, especially thermoplastics. It is used for





The use of infrared heat opens up many options for the direct transfer of heat into the manufacturing process.

At Fakuma, Heraeus Noblelight presents effective and efficient specialty light sources and infrared systems for plastics in the automotive industry.

UV curing for plastic decorating and coating

UV curing of decoration for plastics parts

UV curable inks and coatings improve both appearance and performance of plastic products. Typically plastic parts are pretreated to improve adhesion of the UV ink or coating. UV decorating inks are printed and then UV cured.

 UV technology for curing of plastics inks and coatings