Highlight at Printing Expo Online: The Inkjet Integration Arena

UV curing and IR drying improve printing quality and energy efficiency

Books, brochures, labels, forms, foils or packaging are printed using various processes. However, all these processes have the same requirement that the ink must be totally dried or cured before the printed material is stacked, cut, folded or processed further. Dependent on the type of ink, UV or IR emitters are used for drying and curing. By necessity, this is very much connected with energy consumption. Today, it is always worthwhile to have a good look at these processes and to look for techniques which provide the optimum results at the best possible energy efficiency.

Heraeus Noblelight offers speciality light sources which are precisely matched to the properties of the coating to be dried. For more than 30 years, Heraeus has supplied infrared emitters to the graphics industry.

Meet IR and UV at Inkjet Integration Arena

IR and UV for the Printing Industry at Inkjet Arena, part of Printing Expo Online

The Inkjet Integration Arena is now part of the virtual exhibition Printing Expo. Attendees of the Inkjet Integration Arena can connect with companies that cover all aspects of inkjet printing technology. The partners at the 3D booth include:

• Heraeus Noblelight (IR drying and UV curing technologies);

• Crown Van Gelder (inkjet substrates);

• Simply Inkjet (technology and project configuration);

• O&PM Europa (coatings and primers);

• Memjet (printhead technology);

• Colordyne (inkjet digital print engines); and

• Inkjet Insight (market analysis).

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Infrared and UV for printing from Heraeus Noblelight at the Inkjet Integration Arena

IR drying and UV curing for printing

Just a short virtual walk and you can enter our booth, offering a lot of useful material and information about Infrared heat and UV technology for printing.

  • videos about Semray UV LED and Infradry drying units with integrated air management
  • brochures and case stories about best practice applications with UV curing and IR drying

Just have a look!

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