Discover Soluva® UVC Air Disinfection Solutions at BOMA 2022

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2022-06-25 16:30:00

NOW is the time to create a healthy building with Soluva® UVC air disinfection from Heraeus Noblelight!


During the 2022 BOMA International Conference & Expo visitors to the Heraeus Noblelight booth discovered how our Soluva® UVC air disinfection solutions:

  • Protect occupants from infectious aerosols
  • Enable a safe return to work
  • Make your building a healthy workplace
  • Create a competitive advantage for your CRE, now and in the future

Heraeus Noblelight’s Soluva® UVC (UVGI) air disinfection product line includes:

 Soluva® Air D in-duct devices for building HVAC ducts

 Soluva® Air F portable or wall-mounted in-room devices

 Download Soluva® UVC air disinfection overview flyer now

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