Learn about UVC air purification at IFMA’s World Workplace 2022 Conference & Expo

Get ready to take center stage with advanced indoor air quality solutions to ensure employee wellbeing.

UVC air purification at IFMA

How well are your building occupants protected from airborne viruses such as COVID-19 pathogens, flu and cold?

Discover air purification solutions from Heraeus Noblelight in Booth #517.

Talk with our UVC (UVGI) air purification experts to learn:

  • How UVC light disinfects air
  • How direct airstream UVC devices integrate into your overall indoor air quality strategy and building systems
  • Where UVC devices make sense

See our Soluva® line of UV air disinfection systems, verified by scientific studies to reduce 99% of airborne viruses.
Let us help you get a standing ovation with purified air that stops the spread!

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