Infrared heat and UV technology improve coating

More than drying and curing - IR and UV at PaintExpo

Infrared heat dries, UV light cures - sounds simple. However, substrate, coating and product line often have very specific requirements for drying and curing.
It's good when UV systems or infrared ovens can be precisely adapted. It is worth putting the dryers used up to now to the test, as the example of a British manufacturer of goal posts shows. With modern, precisely controllable infrared systems, drying can now be three to four times faster.
Heraeus Noblelight will be presenting infrared and UV technology for future-proof coating solutions at the PaintExpo trade fair in Karlsruhe in April.

 Info on infrared drying and UV curing for coatings

 How Infrared emitters help saving energy

Infrared emitters for the efficient drying of coatings

Infrared drying of coating

Heat plays a central role in the drying of paints and coatings. It is used to dry water based coatings or gel and cure powder coatings

 on metal

 on glass

 in the automotive industry

Infrared radiation transfers energy directly into the materials and makes drying much more efficient.

At PaintExpo, Heraeus Noblelight will be presenting infrared systems that help to improve quality, speed and output.

UV technology for efficient curing

UV curing of printing on glass

UV-curing inks and coatings improve both the appearance and performance of plastic products. Plastic parts are usually pre-treated to improve the adhesion of the UV ink or coating. UV decorative inks are printed and then cured with UV light.

 UV curing for plastic decorating and coating

 UV curing 3D parts

 UV curing of wood coatings