Heraeus Noblelight at K 2019

At K 2019, Heraeus Noblelight will be presenting infrared emitters, which are precisely tailored to product and process in terms of shape, voltage and performance.

Contour-emitters - Kussner/Heraeus

Heat exactly where it is needed!

Infrared contour emitters bring high-intensity heat to very small edges and ridges. This makes them ideal for deburring or welding. This helps to automate plastics processing and saves time, space and energy.

K 2019
October 16 - 23, 2019
Hall 10, Booth G59

Quick deburring

Handles and covers made of plastic are often produced by injection molding. The emergence of sharp-edged burrs is not always preventable. Especially with complicated shaped parts, the removal of burrs before further processing or coating can be a real challenge.

Quartz glass infrared emitters can be re-shaped according to the shape of the edges or burrs and thus melt the burr without damaging the actual workpiece. With an contour-adjusted infrared emitter, the complete burr can be melted off in one step.

At K 2019, Heraeus Noblelight will exhibit infrared emitters which are precisely adjusted to product and process.
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