Heraeus Noblelight at Radrech Asia 2019

Meet the Heraeus Experts at Radtech Asia 2019 from 18-20 October 2019 in Hangzhou, China.

Heraeus Noblelight at Radtech Asia 2019

The RadTech Asia 2019 will focus on the fundamental research and discussion about the advancement, development and applications of UV/EB curing technology in various UV/EB coating, ink and adhesive industries. This important international conference and exhibition will provide the opportunities of information exchange and cooperation for scientists, engineers, and end-users in UV/EB-related filed from Asia countries as well around the world.

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Date/Time Topic Speaker Venue
Oct. 18th/ 17:00-17:30 Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems Powered by IOT Tony Ye

Session 2
Oct.19th/ 10:35-11:05 Effect of Multi-Wavelength LEDs on Curing Performance of Conventional Formulations Darrin Leonhardt Session 1
Oct.19th/ 14:00-14:40 An Overview Of UV Technology – From Generation to Application Pradyumna K. Swain SanLi Meeting room