Infrared systems for the food industry - targeted heat saves energy, money and time

Heraeus Noblelight at Foodex 2021

Heraeus Noblelight at Fakuma 2017

Heat plays a central role in processing food. It is used for

  • Surface colouring/Browning
    (Meat/Potato/Crumb/Cheese/Bakery products)
  • Melting sugar
    (Crème Brule/Confectionery/Snacks/Biscuits)
  • Heating jars and bottles prior to hot filling
    (Prevents thermal shock, allows higher temperature filling)
  • Drying oils and coatings
    (biscuits, snacks)
  • Setting of coatings to eliminate frying
    (fat reduction)
  • Heating of bakery products to kill mould spores
    (Increased shelf life)
  • Heating of cereals pulses
  • Melting Chocolate
    (Backing Off/Book moulding)
  • Precise heating of Moulds
    (Confectionery Industry Moulding Lines)
  • Searing of vegetables
  • Grilling of Mushrooms

ATTENTION: The date of the Foodex show has been postponed to April, 12 -14, 2021

Find out more about efficient Infrared heat sources for the food industry

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