Heraeus Noblelight at the IWCS 2020 Virtual Cable & Connectivity Symposium

Learn about innovative UV curing technology for optical fiber, wire and cable production.

Attend our presentations during the IWCS 2020 Virtual Cable & Connectivity Symposium October 12–16 & October 19–23, 2020.

Manufacturing, process, and production engineers and managers involved with optical fiber drawing, coloring, ribbon coating, as well as those involved with strength member rod curing and wire and cable marking will want to learn about Heraeus Noblelight’s latest UV curing innovation – the  Semray UVPC6003 UV LED curing system . Attendees can also learn about our industry leading   microwave-powered UV curing systems and  industry 4.0 capabilities .

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William Johnson

Session 12-6: Smart Manufacturing Needs Smart UV Curing: The Intelligent Irradiator and Advanced Monitoring System Work to Deliver Less Downtime

  • Tuesday October 20 at 10:30 am

Attend this presentation to learn how a UV curing system with internal sensors enables Industry 4.0 and reduces downtime for your optical fiber or wire marking production process. Get an inside peek into the sensor technology and software analysis capabilities to understand how this enables improved UV system operation monitoring and troubleshooting.

Speaker: William Johnson, Product Manager Microwave-powered Products

Ruben Manikkam

Session 16-2: Optical Arrangement and Power Consumption for UV LED System Designs in Standard Draw Tower Configuration

  • Thursday October 22 at 8:30am

During this presentation attendees will discover how an innovative optical arrangement for a UV LED system offers not only superior optical fiber draw tower production speeds, but also significant energy cost savings. Detailed analysis shows comparisons of energy use and the typical cost savings of UV LED versus microwave-powered UV curing systems.

Speaker: Ruben Manikkam, Product Manager Optical Fiber

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Talk with Heraeus Noblelight during the Virtual Symposium

Attendees can talk with us to explore upgrading to UV LED, enabling Industry 4.0 with “smart UV curing”, even on existing draw towers or cable marking lines, and ways we support testing and installation of equipment upgrades.

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