Webinar - This is How UV Disinfection of Surfaces and Air Succeeds

Missed our webinar?

Our experienced team of experts from the areas of sales, development and in-house test laboratories shares interesting facts about solutions in the fight against viruses, bacteria and co.

Learn in this webinar:

  • How to sterilize surfaces and objects of all kinds, as well as air
  • and why UV light is a reliable, chemical-free and quick solution
  • for which applications the use of UV technology is suitable and for which it’s not
  • why you should prefer UV light compared to other solutions

Who should attend the webinar:

  • Medicine and pharmaceutical industry
  • Mechanical engineers who will install UV solutions
  • Laboratory staff

Further Insights:

These days, we are looking for solutions to remove harmful germs such as bacteria, viruses and fungi from surfaces or to disinfect the air in rooms - in particular, areas where many people are infected with viruses and bacteria are an issue.

UVC disinfection is a dry and chemical-free method that reduces the bacterial load by 99.9% to 99.999%. The advantages of this technology are that it is extremely fast, reliable, durable and environmentally friendly.

But how does UV disinfection work? Is it a safe way to disinfect objects and air? What are legal guidelines? What are the advantages of using UV light?

This webinar examines the need to reduce germs in highly frequented rooms. It will look at how the disinfection of contaminated objects can take place, discuss solutions and compare alternative technologies.


Dawn Skinner, Process Deveolpment Manager, Heraeus Noblelight Ltd

Kevin Khatta, Environmental Sales Specialist, Heraeus Noblelight America