Productive light with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared is technically usable - in many different processes. Heraeus Noblelight offers emitters and systems for the whole range from UV to IR. The UV lamp was invented by Heraeus, the infrared emitters were added in 1947, the analysis lamps have been available at Heraeus for more than 50 years and the laser excitation lamps completed the portfolio in 1978.

That's why the whole technology was summed up as "Heraeus Noblelight".

To this day, the proven lamps are further optimized and completely new systems are developed

Just have a look!


Heraeus invents the quartz glass lamp.

"Richard Küch is known to only a few people, but he was a great inventor!"


The "Höhensonne" comes onto the market.

"I well remember in school we were all put in front of a “Höhensonne” so we could get plenty of vitamin D for healthy bones!"


Start of infrared emitter production.

"The first infrared emitters were medium-wave and rather inert; they were used to dry paint on car bodies. Today, our emitters are powerful, respond in seconds and thus solve heating processes for electronics or e-mobility as well.“


Foundation of Noblelight Ltd., which was acquired in 1987 by Heraeus.

"We started as Noblelight with only three employees to develop excitation lamps for lasers. Lasers were an emerging technology and as this market expanded, so did we."


Foundation of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

"All activities at Heraeus relating to UV and infrared technology for technically usable light were bundled at that time."


Foundation of Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. in Shenyang, which marked the start of activities in China.

"When we opened the factory in Shenyang, we received a ceremonial welcome at the local city hall. At that time, we started with 22 employees, some of whom had previously received intensive training with us."


Introduction of paperless production of infrared emitters in Kleinostheim.

"I was skeptical at first. But now I think it's great that I have all the information I need up to date on the screen at the relevant workstation!"


Sale of first UV LED lamp: NobleCure®.


Heraeus Noblelight opens the most modern UV LED production in Europe.

However, the path of Heraeus Noblelight is not yet at an end. Every day we focus on the development of new emitters and systems in order to offer our customers the best products and solutions.

Our latest developments:


1973 Quarzlampen Gesellschaft mbH

1987 Noblelight Ltd.

1999 Amba Ltd.

2004 Cathodeon Ltd.

2005 IST Spectral Technologies

2007 Varsal, Inc.

2013 Fusion UV Systems, Inc.

2014 Vulcan Catalytic® Systems Ltd.