Intelligent Infrared Heat for Metal Processing - New Webinars

Corrosion protection, decorative coatings, preheating of moulds or even reflow processes - metal products benefit from exactly adjusted infrared heating. We will demonstrate in our webinars where it might be worth rethinking the solutions used so far.

Infrared Heat Optimizes Drying, Pre-Heating, Reflow of Metals

Infrared heat for metals
  • Drying of protective coating, curing of topcoat on sheet metal, housings or solid metal blocks, preheating or reflow - the processing of metals requires many heating processes. It is worth paying attention to the energy efficiency of the heat source.

Infrared emitters are precisely adapted to the product and process. Flat sheets or massive cast blocks heat up at different speeds. High-gloss metals reflect very strongly, while dark surfaces absorb heat very well.
Medium wave emitters dry faster on the surface, while short-wave emitters penetrate deeper. Exactly adapted infrared heaters save time, space and energy.

We offer webinars which give some basic knowledge and also show advantages of infrared systems for metal processing.
Attention: the webinars are given in German language only.
Yet, we will provide an English handout on request!

Infrared heating solutions for engineering (DE)
12. May 10-11 am CET

Infrared heat for Drying and Curing (DE)
26. May 10-11 am CET

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