Intelligent Infrared Heat for Plastics Processing - with or without Fakuma

Utility item or art object, high-tech device or toy, packaging material or construction material - plastics come in many different forms. Plastics not only replace other materials, but often make it possible to solve design problems.

Infrared heat makes innovative plastics processing possible

Heat plays a central role in the shaping and processing of plastics.
Infrared radiation offers many possibilities to transfer heat specifically to the processing process. If the infrared system fits exactly, time, energy and costs can be saved significantly.

Efficient embossing of plastic foils using customized infrared modules

Automated deburring of steering wheels, handles or housings by contour-adapted infrared emitters

Clean welding of containers by tailor-made infrared systems

Plastic films benefit from infrared heat

Infrared heat for metals

High-quality plastic films refine furniture, components and hi-fi products. Embossing lines serve as important elements within the production processes.
See an interesting process solution for plastic stamping!

Case Story: Infrared system for laminate embossing

The virtual Fakuma gives you an insight into Renolit's plastics processing.

Infrared heat for plastics processing