Gas catalytic infrared oven improves quality of bathroom furniture

Gas catalytic infrared systems generate a controlled infrared heat that targets the coatings instead of the substrate. For example, the introduction of a gas catalytic infrared oven produced a higher quality finish to bathroom furniture.

More efficient curing of powder coating on MDF boards

IR for automotive interior trim

The company Goodmob in Romania produces bathroom furniture from MDF boards, which were previously covered with foil. However, the company owner wanted to go new ways and set up a new production line for higher quality furniture. In the new line, the MDF boards were to be finished with powder coating. Powder-coated panels are much more scratch-resistant and have a higher quality appearance. However, powder coating also requires an oven in which it is optimally cured.

In addition, the owner of company with Heraeus Noblelight had sat down and after detailed tests finally ordered a seven meter long gas catalytic infrared furnace plus a smaller preheating unit. Since at the beginning of September production runs meanwhile on full speed, the infrared furnace cures the powder coating as efficiently as precalculated.
Reason enough to already plan an expansion to kitchen and children's furniture, as well as a distribution in other countries. Calin Barbulescu, Owner of Goodmob is proud: "This was a great achievement of the whole team. We could start the new production line fast and with high quality!”

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