Infrared toasting of wooden casks improves whisky flavour

Whiskey, wine and spirits are stored in wooden barrels and are given a special aroma. However, this is only possible by carefully roasting the wood. Roasting can be done by an open fire - an infrared system does this much more precisely and safely.

See how toasting of wood with IR heat works on-site!

Infrared heat to release special aromas in the wood

High-quality spirits get their special taste from storage in barrels. Such wooden barrels are roasted before filling. In former times the roasting was done with an open flame. A method which is not without risks for the barrels and the workers. Edrington, a premium spirits manufacturer, therefore turned to the infrared specialist Heraeus Noblelight to find a more efficient alternative to the conventional method. The lids and bottoms are roasted in the Heraeus infrared toaster before being attached to the barrel body to release special aromas in the wood.

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