Innovative calculation software identifies ideal positions of UV lamps at various room conditions

Finding optimal solutions with customers means to look at possible approaches and give substantiated advice.

calculation software identifies ideal positions of UV lamps at various room conditions.
Efficient integrated UV lamps in an air duct

Especially in air treatment applications, we always handle with different circumstances. These are for example different air flows and sizes of air ducts. At this point expert knowledge is mandatory for dealing with these requirements to design the optimal customer solution.

Heraeus Noblelight now offers an additional service for customers to grant reliable, fast and optimal results: As the only manufacturer of UV lamps having developed a scientifically validated software the Heraeus experts can precisely calculate the customer's individual requirements. This is increasingly used for air ducts and kitchen hoods with their various sizes and different intensities of air flow.
The number and alignment of the lamps which have to be used to achieve an optimal and reliable result are calculated based on the spatial situation. The data which is used for this includes the size of the channel, the lamp's UVC intensity, the air flow and the lamp's positioning. The empirically proven mathematical formula was created based on data from measurements taken in the accredited Heraeus Noblelight measuring laboratory and experience with successful installations.

Especially for  air treatment solutions , the calculation software ensures unique safety to the customer – whether to cost and energy efficiency, process reliability or company image.

Your benefits at a glance

  • No test loops: The prior calculation eliminates the need for test loops and subsequent improvement.
  • Energy saving: The optimal number of lamps makes safety buffers unnecessary and the lamps are optimally positioned.
  • Faster internal decision-making processes: A statement about feasibility, system dimensioning and costs can be made within a few minutes.
  • High process reliability: Calculating effective radiation levels guarantees reliable inactivation of microorganisms even for challenging geometries. This protects personnel and processed products.
  • Your company's image at customers and authorities: We offer to provide diagrams and calculations, so you can present them to your customers and authorities.