Hanau equips first municipal schoolrooms with UV-C air purifiers against SARS-CoV2 viruses

For the first time, the city of Hanau is now using in school classrooms disinfection units from Heraeus Noblelight that use ultraviolet light to kill SARS-CoV-2 viruses. Safely shielded, certified systems with UV-C (UVGI) light sources were installed or retrofitted into existing ventilation units in the cafeteria and two classrooms of the Elisabeth Schmitz School. Likewise, UV air purification systems were installed in the gymnasium of the August Gaul School and in the Anne Frank School.

First municipal classrooms equipped with UV-C air purifiers.
UV-C disinfection in first classrooms in Hanau

Hanau, 28.01.2021

In recent weeks, Hanau Straßenbahn (HSB) was the first to take advantage of the city's strategic partnership with Heraeus Noblelight to equip 15 city buses with UV-C (UVGI) air purifiers.

"As in the HSB buses, UV-C disinfection also helps us in schools in the fight against COVID-19 infection, especially as long as the vaccination of people is currently still in its infancy," says Kaminsky, mayor of Hanau. Mayor and school deputy, Axel Weiss-Thiel, welcomes the new virus disinfection efforts: "We are initially installing the devices in several schools and classrooms that are difficult to ventilate." Hanau Immobilien- und Baumanagement, the municipal enterprise responsible for school buildings, together with the school administration office selected the pilot applications.

At the same time, Weiss-Thiel emphasizes that even in classrooms with UV-C disinfection, "the distance, hygiene and window ventilation rules continue to apply when classes are held there." Now it is a question of collecting experiences with the UV-C devices, with the help of the teaching personnel, the students, as well as the those responsible for overseeing school facilities and maintaining the devices. Afterwards the school system will determine, with input from Heraeus technologists, "where it is possible and necessary, and in which order" it makes sense to install additional air purifiers.

The current installations and retrofits involve rooms with many people and frequent class changes, as well as those that are difficult to ventilate. “Retrofits are needed in existing ventilation systems that cannot reasonably operate with fresh air”, Weiss-Thiel added. "Air purification with UV-C is the best technology against the virus worldwide," said Martin Ackermann, managing director of Heraeus Noblelight. "UV-C light destroys the COVID-19 virus and mutations immediately. In a test with a simulated classroom, the Fraunhofer Institute demonstrated a virus reduction of over 99%," Ackermann continued.

UV-C air purifiers from Heraeus do not require expensive filters. As a result, they are up to 80% less expensive to operate over their lifetime than comparable filter systems. "The city of Hanau is a pioneer in the use of new technologies throughout Germany. I am impressed by their rapid implementation of new ideas," adds Ackermann.

First municipal classrooms equipped with UV-C air purifiers.