Heraeus Noblelight introduces industry’s first “smart” UV curing system to enable continuous real-time diagnostic and predictive maintenance

Gaithersburg, Maryland, 8 May, 2018

New solution, utilizing sensors and a Cloud-based “Internet of Things” platform, reduces operating costs, decreases downtime, extends product life and lowers cost of ownership.


Heraeus Noblelight America, the leading supplier of industrial ultraviolet (UV) process solutions, has announced the introduction of the world’s first intelligent UV curing system. This innovative new product, in combination with AIMS, the Advanced Integrated Monitoring System, utilizes various sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and a Cloud-based network. The set-up enables users to minimize unscheduled system shutdowns and track the maintenance schedule for consumable parts. This new product will be available as Light Hammer® 10 Mark III.

With this new advanced technology platform, customers can turn their existing UV Light Hammer® 10 Mark II curing system into an “intelligent irradiator” (IIR) that continuously monitors critical operations of the system in real-time. In the near future, this cloud-based system software, utilizing algorithms and data analytics for predictive maintenance, will enable customers to reduce operating costs and downtime, as well as extend the product life of key components.

According to Dr. Pradyumna “PK” Swain, President of Heraeus Noblelight America, the IIR-AIMS platform is designed to help customers capitalize on the benefits of industrial digitalization, often referred to as the “smart factory” or “Industry 4.0.” Dr. Swain said, “All industries are going to undergo a dramatic transformation because of the enormous potential of the Internet of Things and the ability to automate operational decision-making of critical processes. Our IIR-AIMS solution is an important first step in helping customers realize the benefits of a truly intelligent irradiator that can significantly improve efficiency and performance.”

The cyber-physical marriage of Heraeus Noblelight’s Light Hammer Mark III Systems with its AIMS platform provides an integrated, Cloud-based method to continuously record, monitor and maintain the entire system (up to 30). With this new intelligent irradiator, sensors are installed to provide real-time updates of key performance parameters. Additionally, operational hours of key components, such as magnetron, bulb and reflector hours are recorded. The AIMS solution can be designed to monitor, measure and calculate up to 80 parameters per system. This comprises magnetron current, magnetron voltage, photocell voltage, bulb temperature, analog pressure, ambient temperature, humidity, inlet air temperature and more.

The intelligent irradiator’s operational data is continuously captured and communicated to a Cloud-based network where it can send alerts when warnings/faults occur. Additionally, customers can utilize the AIMS algorithms and analytics to conduct real-time systems diagnostics. This can help customers avoid unscheduled and often costly system shutdowns. Heraeus Noblelight’s Cloud platform continually analyzes the data and provides a comprehensive array of insights to improve the reliability, efficiency and performance of the UV curing system. Customers can access their dashboard to review incident alerts, service alerts, maintenance schedules, past history and diagnostic support.

Technical experts will be available to discuss the Heraeus Noblelight IIR-AIMS platform at the Radtech 2018 Technology Expo and Conference (Booth #601) taking place May 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel in Chicago.