UV Application Competence Center

At Heraeus Noblelight America we do more than manufacture and deliver UV equipment. We help you develop new UV curing manufacturing processes and UV disinfection capabilities that provide improved efficiencies and healthier environments. We have the experience and expertise to speed your development and help you avoid wasted time.

Testing UV

Our Application Competence Centers (ACCs) are the perfect place to field-test UV curing in a real-life setting. No need to tie up critical production lines in your plant. Heraeus Noblelight America’s ACCs replicate the plant environment without compromising confidentiality. Rely on our UV curing application specialists in Maryland and California to work alongside you to conduct laboratory testing – from start to finish.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Feasibility testing for new UV curing processes
  • UV curing process design & optimization
  • UV curing process validation testing
  • Analytical evaluation of cure & physical properties

Prospects and customers find our application laboratories the perfect place to develop manufacturing processes. By applying and curing formulated UV coatings, inks and adhesives on a variety of substrates, we determine the optimal lamp configuration and part movement. We’re able to quantify and optimize depth and rate of cure, maximizing process speeds and product quality. While there are no fees for occasional use of our ACC, we do ask that you schedule visits in advance.

For large scale, production-like UV trials, we can arrange a UV trial at a facility that will meet your production process needs. Or for trials in your plant, we loan out UV curing equipment for testing on your line.

Learn more about our UV Applications Competence Centers in the US